Go, Set, Ready

Wait!  What?  It should be, “Ready, set, go”, right?  These days it seems like more people tend to just go – skipping the ready, set part.  I saw this in action yesterday.  On my short commute to the office I watched a gentleman shave, a woman apply her make up and a whole family eat their breakfast – in their cars.  Apparently, there wasn’t enough time to accomplish these daily tasks before leaving home.  All of them looked stressed and frustrated.  What if they had set their alarms just a few minutes earlier?  They could have accomplished all of these daily routines from the comfort (and safety) of their homes, rather than suffering the self-inflicted stress.

I get that regardless of how early we rise or how much we prepare, some days will be filled with “on the go” (I do have small children), but that should be the exception, not the norm.  “Show up and go” is the norm though for most sales people.  With no planning or preparation and no set appointments, they jump in their cars hoping today will be different than yesterday.  When I try to handle tasks on the run without allowing myself enough time or preparation, things tend to slip through the cracks and I find myself faced with decisions that must be made on the fly, without the option to fully contemplate the best alternative.

We tend to get in a hurry to show up, without knowing what we are really going to do once we get there.  Success requires planning, winning requires new ideas, and you must envision your achievement before you can achieve.  I challenge each of you this week to set your alarms just 30 minutes earlier.  Give yourself the time to think, plan, develop ideas and visualize the day.   Take this one small action and see what a difference it makes in your success and your stress level!

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