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HI I’m Daniel Manginelli!

Author of the books, “SHAKE IT UP! Big Dreams and Bold Choices On The Road To Success” and “Wake Up! Jumpstart The Life You’ve Always Had In Mind.” Dan is the founder/owner of the Manginelli Group, and coaches and mentors thousands of sales people, all over the country.

I believe the best coaches and mentors are the ones who have lived what they coach. Never asking anyone to do what a leader is not willing to do or has done. Being in sales over 30+ years and achieving at the highest level in sales breaking multiple records. I have built a career on growth. As a salesperson, a branch manager, a district manager, regional manager, president, and Owner I have lived what I advise. With the ability to help others avoid pitfalls and stay focused to their goals. Reaching your Goals is not an easy task, but with the right leadership and direction you can get there sooner.

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Daniel’s constant positive and powerful coaching has changed my perspective on work and life. He has given me incredible confidence in myself and gave me tools to win in everything I focus my mind on.

Dan is an AMAZING coach, author and speaker. He has spoken at many of my lunch and learn’ events, and he is beyond inspiring. People can really relate to Dan on many different levels. Dan personally inspires me to do my very best at everything I do in life.
-Tobie Love – Branch Manager

In business and in life, staying positive in difficult circumstances is not an easy task. We are going to experience adversity. The real question is ‘How will we approach it when it comes?’ Dan Manginelli’s answer to that is, ‘As an opportunity to take action and move forward!’ His new book Shake It Up! is a chapter-bychapter personal coaching session with inspiration and ideas to help us do just that.
-Steve Emtman
Owner & CEO Defender Development,
1992 #1 NFL overall draft pick

Our sales staff needed motivation, and Dan inspired the staff to better service our customers. We could not be happier. Dan’s presentation was so captivating
everyone was listening. Dan’s presentation was the best money we have spent on speakers, and we will have him back in a few months.
-Carol Manning



As life happens today, find your meaning of courage. Be vulnerable when it is essential and take chances others won’t.


By applying focus and determination you truly can accomplish whatever you decide to do.

& Fun

With focus and determination, achievers relentlessly pursue their goals, regardless of any roadblock or setback.