It’s Not Over Yet

After overhearing several conversations about 2018 production just before a Mastermind Group talk recently, I started the meeting by saying, “It’s not over. 2017 isn’t over yet. Did you all give up? Did you just quit because your results weren’t what you wanted? Are you more concerned about what is next rather than what is right in front of you?” At this time of year many forget that there are still a lot of productive days left. Like kids, if things aren’t going the way they want, they lose interest and start asking, “What are we doing next?”

I am a big believer in goals and planning, but I don’t believe in giving up! This is just a reminder to finish first. Finish what you started this year before moving on to the next! You started this year with aspirations and goals, don’t stop short of the finish line – complete the whole year! Look at what you need to do to finish well in 2017 and write that as your first goal. Write what you will accomplish before the year ends and when you hear the inevitable discussions about 2018 plans this week, answer with, “It’s not over, I need to finish what I started!” Play all they way to the end and make the rest of the year count!

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