Your True Desire

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting something to happen. All of us desire certain things in our lives. As we enter the last month of the year, the big question is whether our desire is strong enough to take action. We all want to have more, be more and do more, yet most will stop at the wanting. What is it that makes one person achieve while another is content with being average? I believe it is all in the level of desire. I can coach people on where to go and what to do to be successful, but without a true desire on their part, there will never be consistent action, and without action, it’s just wishful thinking.

This week analyze your desire. Think about what you really want. Ask yourself if you are willing to take action. You will not take real action without a burning desire to achieve. If you truly want to increase your business, you will be willing to take action, consistently. You can write goals, attend coaching calls, and meet with an accountability partner, but if you don’t have a true desire to achieve it, your actions will reveal that and it will not happen. Napoleon Hill wrote, “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” Define what you truly desire, see yourself winning, and take action. Make this week count!

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