‘Twas the weeks before Christmas

When all through the office, no Salesperson could be found, not even a novice. Ready to ring the phones sat in a row, with no one to hear them or answer hello. I pondered the problem – I was in quite a state, didn’t they know that production won’t wait? Then what should my wondering eyes actually see, the number one achiever knowing this is the place to be!

Her PC was humming, her phone in her ear, she was setting appointments for the rest of the year. One Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday alike, on Thursday and Friday and Saturday night! Her plan of attack was downright persistent, prospecting works – not all are resistant. Call after call what a fine sight to see, she was reaching the people and getting appointments with ease.

She closed her computer and with her phone put away, she sprang from her chair without any delay. She raced from her office, door slightly ajar, out to the parking lot and jumped into her car. I bolted outside to give her a high five, but I was too late – she had pulled out of the drive. With a wink of an eye and a twist of her head, she knew January’s paycheck was nothing to dread.

Her car window open, I called out her name, she didn’t hear me but I heard her exclaim, “The holiday season is the very best time! There’s no competition – the market is mine!” As her words of great wisdom rang through my head, I thought of the others still snug in their beds. Don’t they remember from all the years past, that production doesn’t just magically last?

You have to be hunting while all the rest wait, if you don’t start ‘til January it’s already too late. Don’t be like the average who take a month off, then blame every one else for the money they lost. Be the achiever who grinds non-stop, while the average struggle in January you’ll be on top! If you follow your plan with your goals in plain sight, you’ll finish this year strong and start next year right!

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