The Shower Ideas

Have you ever noticed that we seem to get our best ideas in the shower? They seem so clear and usually have at least a loose action plan attached. Unfortunately, by the time we make it from the shower to the car, our most brilliant ideas fade in the face of daily distractions and fear of leaving our comfort zone.

I am a firm believer that the shower is a dream creator while the car is a dream killer! Too bad walking to work isn’t an option for most of us. We all have limited US time – time to think, reflect, plan or pray. An isolated 20-30 minutes to just think allows our subconscious to take over and, if we listen, lets us know what we can and should do to be successful.

This week I challenge you to take 20-30 minutes each day for YOU time. If you shower every day this could be an easy one, the time is already there. In that time commit to take action on your ideas to increase your business. Before picking up your smart phone or opening an email, write down a promise to yourself to take action on your ideas. Start with “I promise to . . . today”. Take your written promise with you and reflect on it during your drive. When you get to the office – fulfill your promise to yourself.

None of us wants to break a promise! Break the cycle of allowing the car to kill your dreams. Really embrace this process for at least week – it can transform your business and it’s only 7 days. Lets really make this week count!

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