The Fine Line

We have all heard the cliché, “There is a fine line between love and hate.” At my son’s recent track meet, “the fine line” I witnessed was between winning and losing. The 220 race that day was won by .023 seconds. Such a tiny amount of time yet it made the difference between winning and losing. Interesting, but what caught my attention was the kid in last place. He started out of the blocks strong, running as hard and fast as he could. As the pack broke away though he let off, disappointed and frustrated. He was only 2.2 seconds behind the winner, roughly the amount of time it takes to blink six times.

How I relate this to business, especially sales, is that like the kid in the 220, we start out of the blocks with the zest and zeal to win, but when the results don’t come fast enough and the pack starts to pull ahead, many of us start thinking “What is the point? I’m not going to reach my goal anyway.” The thing to remember is the kid can get better – with conditioning, coaching and a change in mindset. He may not take first place but he can close the 2.2 second gap if he wants it badly enough.

You may feel frustrated and far from your goal right now, but you too have the opportunity to close the gap. It takes discipline and commitment DAILY to do the things you need to do and increase your activities. The alternative is to do nothing and continue to run at the back of the pack, just finishing the race, or worse, quitting. Quitting doesn’t require any discipline or commitment – just the willingness to accept that you are a quitter. If you are reading this, you are NOT a quitter. Maybe you aren’t winning the race yet, but there is always another race and the choice is yours. The choice to take action, the choice to get better, the choice to want more and to push yourself. Which will you choose? My quote this week is “There is a fine line between winning and quitting.” I’m optimistic that you will choose winning by taking the necessary actions and making this week count!

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