Success Season is Coming

Throughout my sales career I’ve found that for many the last two months of the year is “wind down” season. They coast through the end of the year and then wonder why it takes them so long to get their production going again in January and February. It’s simple; when you turn off your car it takes time to get back to top speed. You have to start it, put it back in gear, press the gas pedal and speed picks up gradually.

For me the next two months are Success Season! Achievers understand that everything they do now and over the next 60 days sets the stage for the first two months of their year. While the average are trying to get their motors started again in January, achievers are already in fourth gear! You can’t coast through the end of the year and expect to start the New Year at full speed.

Don’t cut yourself short by allowing yourself only ten months meeting twelve months of goals. Give yourself the full twelve months. While others are winding down, embrace your success season, be an achiever amongst a sea of average, and make this week and the rest of the year count!

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