Sales Trick or Treating

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

Every year kids (and some adults) dress up and flood their neighborhoods, knocking on strangers’ doors and getting candy in exchange for three simple words. They may not always get their favorite candy. Sometimes they get candy that they don’t like at all, or worse – fruit! But that doesn’t dampen their enthusiasm – running from house to house until their feet won’t carry them further.

Imagine approaching your sales career with the same concept. What if you dressed nicely and visited potential clients for as many hours as your body would let you? What if you met each new person with the attitude that they want to see you and give you business, just for asking? Your confidence would be through the roof! Like trick or treaters, you might not get exactly what you hope for every time, but you’ll get something.

This week, take page out of the kids’ playbook. Make your sales calls as though you are nine years old in a bunny suit on Halloween night. No fear, no apprehension, just pure excitement and always asking. I trust you have trick or treated before, so I know you have it in you to go out and knock on unfamiliar doors and expect to be rewarded. So get excited and get going! Make today your Halloween night and really make this week count!

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