Perfect Procrastination

In the race of life we all want to achieve at a higher level. We want to have nice things, go to nice places and live a comfortable life. Yet not all of us want to sacrifice the time and effort it takes to get those things. Daily I hear people talking about great ideas or making great plans for what they want to accomplish, but I rarely see the action!

We set dates for when we are going to start. We tell ourselves we’ll start that diet on the first of the month, start prospecting when the market is right or after we read more guidelines. As we wait for the perfect flyer, perfect program or the perfect market to start, time keeps marching on. Some of you might be wondering when is the perfect time to start. That’s an easy one . . . NOW!

A good plan fiercely executed is much better than a great plan never started. The average sit and wait for what they believe is the perfect time. Achievers take action and create the perfect time. Zig Ziglar once said, “I took up an offer to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. It worked! I lost 30 days”. Don’t lose any more time waiting to be what you want to be. Get started today and make this week count!

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