Farewell 2016

If you are like me you have a bit of a Christmas hangover. Not the drinking kind. The too much food, wrapping paper scraps, toys and presents strewn everywhere, kind. As we take a deep breath and realize that yet another year has passed (wow) let’s take a moment to look back. We need to acknowledge our wins, learn from our losses and plan for our future. I like to think of it as the end of a season in sports. I know some of you are thinking “not another sports reference Dan!”, but if you think about it, in every sport at the end of the season the coaches look back on the year and focus on what needs to be done to improve – who should be cut or traded and what acquisitions need to be made. They have an obligation to find a way to win during the next season because too many lost games will result in the need for a new job.

It is time to be your own coach! Look at the actions you took that resulted in wins. Learn from what you planned but didn’t accomplish. What will you do differently in 2017 to obtain more wins? Make your list. What do you need to improve or do more? Who isn’t helping or supporting you that you need to let go? Who do you need to recruit to help you reach your goals? To be successful in sports at a high level you must always be analyzing how you can improve and quickly make the changes that bring victories. Those who play at the highest level are constantly evaluating their performance to improve, no matter the circumstances.

This week as you are goal planning, think of yourself as a coach at the end of a season in preparation for the next. Take the time to assess all of the players, plan what position you will put them and yourself in. Most of all figure out what it is going to take to win! The years seem to be speeding up, don’t look back 12 months from now and say to yourself, “I wish I had ___.” Coach yourself and don’t make just this week count, make this year count!

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