Doing What You Know You Should

As we kick off 2017 the internal battle has begun.  You have a plan and the ability to execute but you’re still working on the action.  I’m here to tell you that action is where the great happens.  As a parent I watch my children struggle with inaction.  From cleaning their rooms to studying for an upcoming test, they know in their hearts what they need to do but it’s difficult or just not something they feel like doing when it needs to be done.

This doesn’t seem to change much as we become adults.  We all know what needs to be done to reach our goals and we even how to do it, but we struggle with inaction because it’s difficult or perhaps not what we want to do right now.  This week I challenge you to conquer inertia and do what you know should be done.  The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes and the more likely you will find ways to talk yourself out of taking action, losing precious time.  Don’t be like the majority who want more but do nothing about it.  You know what you want – take action now and make this week count!

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