Back To School

It’s that time of year – the kids are back to school. If you are a parent, you probably spent the last couple of weeks preparing for their first day back with endless shopping for clothes, supplies, and backpacks, as well as a fair amount of time reassuring anxious children about the unknowns. A new school year brings so many unknowns – new teachers, new classrooms, new friends and new challenges.

I still remember my own “back to school” experience when I was very young. I didn’t like my teachers and they didn’t seem to care much for me. When I shared this with my father he told me life is not easy, you have to work hard for everything you want and remember, there is no free lunch. I still replay that conversation in my head when I get frustrated and start looking for the easy way out. I guess I’m living proof that even when you don’t think your children are listening, your guidance will resonate with them at some point.

As parents we ask our children to embrace new experiences, encouraging them to put themselves out there and always be their best. Change is a part of life and meeting new people is a great thing! Excellent advice, right? Are they just words or do we actually mean it and try to approach life that way ourselves? Many of us are quick to give advice yet slow to implement it ourselves. Perhaps we should heed our own counsel. Let’s call it “back to work” advice. When we find ourselves anxious because of a new meeting, a phone call to someone we don’t know, or an unfamiliar environment, we should tell ourselves, “put yourself out there and be your best today!”

This week as we help our kids navigate the excitement and challenges of returning to school, let’s also embrace a “back to work” attitude with the same level of enthusiasm. Listen to yourself. Be the person you know you are meant to be, the person you know you can be, and don’t wait to take action. Put yourself out there, be your best and make this week count!

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